COVID-19 UPDATE: Closet Upgrade continues to provide a collection service. No contact required. Please enquire for details.


Terms & Conditions

  • Closet Upgrade only sells designer items.
  • Items must be in nearly new or gently used condition, and if necessary, we will arrange for dry cleaning at your expense.
  • We reserve the right to work with a certain calibre of wardrobe. We will not be able to accept an item that we cannot sell or that is not in keeping with our brand.
  • To arrange a collection, you must have a minimum of 10 items. However, we offer a daily drop-off service for fewer items. We will also make an exception for very high-end individual items (please enquire).
  • We will always request original packaging, authenticity cards and proof of purchase to be provided where possible. All items must be 100% authentic.
  • We require a minimum of 10 weeks for the full marketing and sale of an item before it can be requested for return. There will be a charge for an item that is requested back prior to this timescale.
  • Any items that are found to be faulty or damaged will be returned to you.
  • Any item unsold within 9 months will be returned to you or donated to a charity if requested.
  • We operate a competitive 35% commission rate on the sales price of each item sold.
  • Commission is deducted after any costs incurred with the listing and sale of the item (costs are dependent on which of the various online portals the item is sold).
  • We will determine which sales portal(s) is best suited for selling the item.
  • We will evaluate each item and determine the price based on our in-depth knowledge and experience of the luxury resale market. However, we will accept minimum price reserves on specific items as requested.
  • Approximate price estimates cannot be disclosed prior to evaluation and research. Please note that prices are not fixed and are estimates, which may be increased and/or decreased as appropriate.
  • Please allow 14-28 days after the sale of any item before the funds can be transferred to your account. 
  • We will endeavour to respond to any request/queries within 48 hours or before.
  • Closet Upgrade is a resale agent. We sell on behalf of each client. We do not own any items but we will securely store each item until sold.


Thank you for choosing the Closet Upgrade experience.